$1k To $1m Challenge

Welcome to our $1k to $1m challenge where we will be following a serious well developed plan to try to increase our portfolio 1,000x.

The Smartest Way To Invest In Crypto

Picture for a moment what your life would look like if you were a millionaire. The truth is you would have a lot of the same problems, consistently working hard to grow as a person and better yourself. And to develop fruitful, loving relationships all around you. Your biggest concern in life would still be your health and the health of those you love.

There would be one main difference though, and it is an important one. You would no longer have to worry about money. You would have the freedom to do what you wanted, when you wanted. You could be in control for the first time.

I want you to now open yourself up as we begin to discuss what it takes to be a successful investor in crypto. A millionaire. Using this strategy, you can be on track to become one!

The power of compounding interest: how you can use the sustainable returns of Bitcoin Growth Bot to build a financially free future.

Explosive 100x (1,000x) PROFIT Potential

Fortune favors the bold, and you have to think big! We often let being realistic prevent us from achieving our true goals, and the opportunities present today in this market will not be around forever.

In 2007, one of the most successful hedge managers in the world, Paul Tudor Jones, wrote his clients an email with just 3 words, “Stay the course.”

Ideas are not what make people rich. It is execution, follow through. Stop playing roulette with these unsustainable, mock investment platforms, hoping to find success. Instead use laser target focus. Commit and stick with a low risk plan to find your own success.

Nucleus Bonuses

1) Purchase Nucleus on the exchange

  • The Nucleus sent to the bot must be purchased on the exchange after March 22nd, 2017

2) Send A Support Ticket

  • Purchase the minimum NCL monthly to be eligible and then send the funds to the bot.$100-$249 = 2%
    $250-$499 = 5%
    $500 + = 10%

3) NCL based on the value of the exchange purchase then credited

Copy and repeat to claim more bonus NCL!

The goal of the 1K to 1M program is to foster new and consecutive NCL purchases on the exchange (and use of the bot). But that doesn’t mean that people from regions (US & Canada) who cannot send funds to the bot can’t receive the bonus.

Those who are unable to access the bot, can also participate and will receive bonus for new purchases over $100, as long as done monthly and consecutively.

$1k To $1m Challenge: Case Study

Case studies, success stories, and progress reports are the most effective form of marketing because they inspire and provide proof that a formula works.

Bitcoin Growth Bot will be providing regularly month reports to show how effective the $1K To $1M Challenge is when followed.

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