30% ROI annually is an absolute game changer. That combined with the increased price of Bitcoin once it’s gains momentum again is going to be huge.

In the time ahead I am going to need to focus over and over again on making sure it is understood the power of compounding a 30% ROI.

It is important to understand the power of producing 30% ROI yearly and what the means over a ten and twenty year period. For example starting with a sum of $250,000 – in 10 years that is $3.4 million. In 20 years that is $47,512,409

Or $14,250,000 in total profits. 20% of those profits kept by BGB is $2,850,000 to buy and burn Nucleus.

This allows for an exit. Nucleus holders can decide when they want to sell (or buy more) and exit. At the same time BGB continues to grow its revenue.

The exit strategy is when everyone decides to sell their NCL. Once everyone has exited, BGB owns 100% of the profits. $14,250,000 in profits. 20% of that is $2,850,000 to hold and own.

That just keeps compounding. 5-10 more years this becomes hundreds of millions in yearly income.

I mean that is the beauty. You get to stay around for as long as you like. Everyone does. 1 NCL in 15 years could be worth more than 1 Berkshire Hathaway share.

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