Some investors are curious if I will be resetting their bot accounts or raising the amount of NCL that is able to be sent to the bot as current investors would like to invest in the new bot.

The problem with making additional deposits to their accounts at this time is it will collectively change everyone’s Profit n Loss. For example of 1 BTC is collectively being managed and a 1 BTC is deposited to cover the new funds sent to the bot – everyone’s Profit n Loss would shoot up 50% higher instantly because of the deposit. So that does not work.

There will be an opportunity to invest in the new algorithm.

That would be through using a managed account with a 20% fee of profits. Anyone who has a current transaction open with the bot and wishes to invest in the new algorithm will receive a 0% fee until their initial investment is recovered and returned.

Follow the directions here on Conquer.

The minimum investment amount is 0.1 BTC.

The BGB ecosystem is the entire/only beneficiary of this. The reason for 0.1 BTC minimum is that is the lowest possible position size while keeping the strong money management the strategy utilizes.

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