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Lending Platform 2.0

The first lending program with a transparent volatility trading bot. The Bitcoin Growth Bot brings in real returns creating constant demand for Nucleus Coin (NCL) in turn causing the token to appreciate greatly in value.



Bitcoin Growth Bot uses an advanced algorithm to profit from market volatility. Due to limited supply of Nucleus (NCL) Coin and internal demand created through access to the Bitcoin Growth Bot only through the use of Nucleus (NCL) Coin will cause rapid appreciation of the coin making the bot a money making machine.

How does Bitcoin Growth Bot work?
​Nucleus (​NCL) ​has a limited supply of only ​24 million ​tokens that will ever be created​ making it a store of value allowing people to invest their wealth in a decentralized manner and earn substantial interest on investment. The demand for ​Nucleus (​NCL) created by the Bitcoin Growth Bit with limited supply of ​Nucleus (​NCL)​ causes fast appreciation of the coin.​
What is the value of Nucleus (NCL)?

Nucleus (NCL) is a self-managing peer-to-peer financial system built on Waves an open-source blockchain platform bringing blockchain technology to the “next level of evolution” set to become the fastest decentralized blockchain platform globally.

What is Nucleus (NCL)?
​Nucleus (​NCL) is an electronic currency​ similar to Bitcoin in that it is a store of value built on the Waves an open-source blockchain.
Connection Value of Nucleus?

 Lending Program

Earn daily interest from the Nucleus lending program. An Income solution for passive investors.

This investment option involves profiting from Bitcoin Growth Bot volatility trading algo. Based on your investment option you will receive daily profit. You will receive your CAPITAL BACK upon investment term completion, to take out from the Bitcoin Growth Bot lending platform or optionally reinvest back into the lending platform to continue receiving daily profit.

 Nucleus Trading

Invest your wealth in community driven decentralized cryptocurrency. Using Waves’ Dex decentralized exchange, you can buy, sell and trade Nucleus Coin (NCL) directly to and from each other on a decentralized exchange (DEX) with no central organization involvement.

Here is how to buy & sell Nucleus (NCL) on Waves DEX exchange, learn more

Jordan Lindsey

Founder, CEO

  • 12 years experience in consulting and financial services
  • Computer engineering, economics, business
  • 2013 – Present: Prive Information Services Inc, CEO
  • 2005 – 2017: JCL Capital, President

I will be putting together a team after the crowdsale. If you live in the Bay Area and are a highly capable, genuinely good, and friendly please apply for the open position below you are qualified for. I would love to meet you.