57% of all trades will be losses. 37% will be tiny gains. Losses are small. Gains are bigger, especially the gains of that 5%

All the gains come from 5% of the trades.

Equity changes all the time. It only will match the growth figure (or gain figure) almost all the time – unless the system has open positions which means those positions are in gain, otherwise the system would had dropped them, and at that time equity will temporarily be higher than the growth figure until the positions are closed. At the time the positions are closed the equity and growth figure will again match.

Where as in the past the equity figure could be below the growth figure – that will no longer happen

If you look at the profitability it shows that out of 24 trades all have been losers. That is too low of a data sample for anything. The win ratio will average out to 43%.

So another way to look at it is that it would take 103.4 loses in a row to have roughly a -15% drawdown.

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