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April 2020 Buy n Burn Report

0.17 BTC in generated profits from the bot was used to purchase 21,706.20239529 Nucleus tokens which have sense been burnt from supply.   Prior to the buy and burn the overall max supply of Nucleus (NCL) was 5,925,029 tokens. Now the max supply is 5,903,323.60721724 - Buybacks will happen once a month for every month [...]

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Bitcoin Trend Following Strategy for Beginners to Profit Massively

Pay close attention to this trend following strategy for bitcoin because by learning this simple and effective system you will maximize your profit by staying in Bitcoin when it is trending and staying on the sidelines when it is not. This bitcoin trend following method will increase your bitcoin holdings accumulating more and more [...]

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July 2019 Buy n Burn Report

Over the past several months, BGB has been working hard toward moving into the next phase of the project and achieving the goal of beginning the purchase of Nucleus (NCL) tokens on the open market, via profits generated from the Conquer automated bitcoin trading algo, and burning those purchased tokens from the overall supply of [...]

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Introducing Our Staking Rewards Calculator

Located on the "Staking Rewards" tab of the Bitcoin Growth Bot app is the new released staking rewards calculator designed to help people keep perspective and/or buy and hold more. By combining the powerful forces of time and interest the calculator provides a visual representation of how together the two compound your Nucleus. Directly below [...]

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March, 2019 Performance Report

Before we get started with this month's March, 2019 Performance Report let me begin by first apologizing. I had tweeted out earlier in the month that the performance report would be released a week. No excuses, I am sorry and it will not happen again. March closed with a loss of -3.78% for the month, [...]

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Moving Fast, Do Not Break Things (February 2019 Performance Report)

In this report: Conquer's February monthly performance update Peaks and valleys, perspective Update to the algorithm inserted Feb 8th Ongoing data collection and optimization February 2019 Performance Report Conquer was mostly flat for the second month of the year and fourth month since inception with a -0.44% return. Total return to date is +3.78% on [...]

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Is The Utility of NCL Still To Be Used With The Bot?

Q. Are we trying to get away from NCL being a utility token and having volume to be used with the bot? A. Nope, not at all. It is simply not possible to send fund to the bot with NCL right now. We were holding off entirely on promoting the new algo as per the [...]

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