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BGB Keeping You Safe and Secure

Let's talk about security. Each day a lot is happening behind the scenes. For example the work that goes into keeping BGB safe. Let me give you a little look at what takes place and then describe the measures we have taken to protect BGB: BGB takes security seriously. Wallet seeds are encrypted, and to [...]

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Absolute confidence in the leadership and direction of the project

The Cryptocurrency markets will eventually be worth trillions. BGB is positioning itself very well as an early adaptor and future market leader. Serious developers don’t think about price, we just focus on the platform, user interface and tech. Bitcoin Growth Bot is a high quality project and we are just going to keep developing and [...]

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Early Adopter Member Launch

Dear Nucleus family, I greatly appreciate the community’s continued support and faith. We have already come a long way in a short time. As we have all seen in the past few months, every major ‘lending platform’ guaranteeing unsustainable profits has failed. We’ve never been like them, and we never will be, because we are [...]

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