Pay close attention to this trend following strategy for bitcoin because by learning this simple and effective system you will maximize your profit by staying in Bitcoin when it is trending and staying on the sidelines when it is not. This bitcoin trend following method will increase your bitcoin holdings accumulating more and more bitcoin as time goes by with seemingly ease.

Now most of you recognize this chart without even me telling you what it is and it is a chart of Bitcoin on the daily timeframe, over the last couple of years.

Trend following Bitcoin

And everyone, most people are familiar with this enormous run up into December of 2017, and then the sell off, and then ultimately this break of the 6000 floor, until we are where we are today.

Also really quick before I how you how to trade Bitcoin with this amazing trend following system. I just want you to look back at the previous price patterns of Bitcoin and you can see that that pattern has played out before, right here we’re looking at the 2013, and it looks similar to what happened in 2017 and then we’ll go back even further. And we look back, we see that, that also happened here as well. This seems to be occurring over and over and over again in Bitcoin.

I think that’s largely due to the market cycles of Bitcoin of having the halvening of the miners awards rewards every four years. This is causes periods of both bull markets and adoption and then bear markets in Bitcoin.

So now we’re going to look at this same pattern that we saw over here, the one that you’re all familiar with what we’re going to do is we’re going to add the true trend in order to know when to be holding bitcoin and when to be out of it. Now if you’re not familiar with the true trend go ahead and watch the video explaining to you how to trend trade with the true trend indicator. We are using a special setting on the true trends right now that’s ideal for Bitcoin.

Alright in order to trend follow Bitcoin we are now going to pull up a 12 hour chart and look at Bitcoin the exact same chart pattern that we originally look at but on the 12 hour timeframe. This is ideal for Bitcoin trend following.

As soon as you see this I am convinced that you’re going to understand why this is exactly the way that you need to follow and trade Bitcoin. There’s no other way that you’re going to be able to always be holding bitcoin during its most efficient trending periods and be on the sidelines when it is in a down trend.

Bitcoin chart with trend following indicator

When Bitcoin is actually trending down there is no easier way to follow the trend in Bitcoin than using my true trend indicator.

Following this on the 12 hour time frame, and using the true trends custom settings of 333. Now here’s why. Let’s go back and look what’s happened first over this recent period. And you can see here the true trend is positive that means it’s an uptrend, which means that you are long.

Now, it would have got you out of this, just for perspective, you would have been long since October of 2015. And look what would have happened. That was at a price of approximately, let’s call it $250. Right, so you’ve been holding Bitcoin for $250 and you’re going to keep holding Bitcoin until the true trend turns negative, which is all the way on the first of February in 2018, and you would have sold at a price of $8,000.

Trend following 30x gain

So you would have held Bitcoin from $250 to $8,000, huge 30x. Right, what happens next? Over the course of this next, let’s call it from February to the next two weeks. You went from being back into cash and and then back into bitcoin during that whole time the true trend went back and forth. You either took small gains or small losses, which is irrelevant because the reason for doing this is to be on the right side of the trend for when the large moves happen.

And large trending moves always occur in Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a new asset class that is figuring out price discovery is gaining market share so the trends tend to be big and lasting. This large trend that occur over and over again have a lot to do with the market cycles of bitcoin which revolve around the halving events every four years.

Let’s continue. In the early March we got short $9,275 and held until the trend turned positive at $8,250. So again, that was a gain of about $1,000 dollars. Do you see how you are gaining Bitcoin by following the trend?

Trend leads to $1000 gain

By follow the trend of bitcoin you’re holding bitcoin when it’s appreciating and you’re in fiat currency when it’s depreciating. You are gaining Bitcoin by doing this over and over again.

On July, the 31st 2018 at a price of $7,974, you get short again. Remember this is when Bitcoin could no longer hold the $6,000 floor and it broke down, but you were short, you didn’t care. You just knew because you’re following the trend of Bitcoin and the trend was down. Look what happened. The price fell almost in half down to $4,778 when you got long Bitcoin again.

Trend leads to 40% gain

You were short from $7,700 all the way to $4,778, which is a gain of about 40%.

And then you are long from $4,780 all the way to the trend again turns positive again at a price of $8,500.

Trend following leads to another huge gain

Again, you made another 40% gain on Bitcoin almost doubling your bitcoin holdings in only two trades.

Set alerts for when the trend changesThis is the simplest, easiest way to trade Bitcoin, and stay on the right side of the market. You’re just going to keep growing your holdings of Bitcoin over time by following it.

It’s also not something that’s going to take a lot of your time, you could set alerts on trading view so that when the value of the true trend turns positive or negative you receive an alert on the app or shows a pop up on your phone. Simple and easy. Completely hands off. You don’t have to watch the market every day. You will know exactly when Bitcoin goes ahead and enters a new phase bull or bear.

You know automatically that you’re going to be on the right side of the trend. You don’t have to think about it. You don’t have to guess, you just have to follow the true trend. Stay on the right side of the market, continue growing your Bitcoin. Do this over the next 12 years, over the next three happenings and you are going to build a fortune.

No matter how much Bitcoin you starting out with, focus your time horizon to be the next 12 years. Over the next 12 years we have three halvings occurring in Bitcoin and it is widely expected to have probably close to a 1000x because the next three halvings with each reducing the miners reward in half and thus the selling pressure on bitcoin.

And if you go ahead and you’re trading in and out you’re Bitcoin holding during the bull phases and you’re on the sidelines during the bear market phases, whatever size Bitcoin you have to begin with, you’re going to continue growing that amount and accumulating more and more Bitcoin.

Again if you haven’t already, watch the video on the true trend, learn how to use the true trend and then go ahead and apply it to Bitcoin exactly I showed you today. This could be life changing for you.

This is absolutely the best Bitcoin trend following system that you’re ever going to come across and I’m so glad that you did. I am so glad to share it with you and I look forward to sharing so much more with you, together on this journey.

With this strategy is you’re maximizing your profits by only staying in Bitcoin when it is truly in a trending period.

This is a set and forget strategy. You don’t need to be constantly watching the charts. All you need to do is you go ahead and set an alarm on trading view for when there’s a trend change.

And then when you get that alert, you know that you just good and you need to get either back with the trend into holding bitcoin or into fiat currency or a stable coin if Bitcoin is in a downtrend.

Bitcoin tends to really trend for long period of times, whether it’s up or down. It’s a trending asset because it’s a new asset, full of price discovery.

But what you do is when it’s trending upwards, you want to definitely be holding that Bitcoin, and when it enters a downtrend you want to be on the sidelines.

I really hope this lesson is something that could really be instrumental in your Bitcoin trading, it really defines the trend and helps you follow the trend of bitcoin.

These periods of bear and bull markets in Bitcoin are going to happen and the name of the game is how much Bitcoin you’re holding during these down trending periods and to increase the amount of bitcoin you own because of them. Awesome. Hope you enjoyed it. I know I did sharing it with you.

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