March, 2019 Performance Report

Before we get started with this month's March, 2019 Performance Report let me begin by first apologizing. I had tweeted out earlier in the month that the performance report would be released a week. No excuses, I am sorry and it will not happen again. March closed with a loss of -3.78% for the month, [...]

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Is The Utility of NCL Still To Be Used With The Bot?

Q. Are we trying to get away from NCL being a utility token and having volume to be used with the bot? A. Nope, not at all. It is simply not possible to send fund to the bot with NCL right now. We were holding off entirely on promoting the new algo as per the [...]

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All System Gains Come From 5% of Trades

57% of all trades will be losses. 37% will be tiny gains. Losses are small. Gains are bigger, especially the gains of that 5%All the gains come from 5% of the trades.Equity changes all the time. It only will match the growth figure (or gain figure) almost all the time - unless the system has [...]

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Current Bot Investors

Some investors are curious if I will be resetting their bot accounts or raising the amount of NCL that is able to be sent to the bot as current investors would like to invest in the new bot. The problem with making additional deposits to their accounts at this time is it will collectively [...]

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