1. How can I purchase Nucleus (NCL) Token?

There are 3 steps that you should follow to buy Nucleus token.

Step 1: Download Waves Client Public Beta: https://beta.wavesplatform.com
(save your seed words somewhere safe!)
Step 2: Deposit BTC, ETH, LTC, USD or EUR into your Wallet (credit cards accepted > click deposit under Waves in your wallet)
Step 3: Click the Waves Decentralized Exchange icon or here https://beta.wavesplatform.com/dex

  1. Where it says “Add coin” copy and paste Nucleus’ identifier code “C7kLesHCnqhDSNNgTuCiiMGr3qaEX1oGAXiJ8gTqzyku”  and Nucleus (NCL) will appear.

Click on: Nucleus (NCL)

Important! You do need Waves to cover the transaction fee. It cost 0.003 waves ($0.01 cent) for a transaction fee. So when you purchase Waves (0.5 Waves is more than enough) you will see how the purchasing on the platform works.

Nucleus (NCL) trades on the Waves Dex exchange.

You need a Waves wallet.

Waves Client, https://beta.wavesplatform.com

The Wiki has further instructions for helping you purchase Nucleus on the Waves DEX,