So the new algorithm is running at a loss currently. Considering it has taken only 24 trades with a system that has a win ratio of 43% it makes sense. It is simply not enough data to mean anything.

Let’s take a moment to recap the information that has been shared recently with some question and answers to point you to the correct information and resource.

Q. If I invest in the new algorithm what site do I use?

A. The BGB website. Right here,

Q. So I need to go through KYC again?

A. Yes, you will need to upload your license or passport for KYC.

Q. Ok. Do you still invest NCL through the conquer site?

A. No, you are looking for this –

Q. Ok thanks. Sorry to keep asking questions, how does the new algorithm make NCL more valuable

A. You’re looking for this,

The demand for Nucleus is going to slowly increase until it compounds into enormity at which point the demand is going to be tremendous. A tsunami.

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