Over the past several months, BGB has been working hard toward moving into the next phase of the project and achieving the goal of beginning the purchase of Nucleus (NCL) tokens on the open market, via profits generated from the Conquer automated bitcoin trading algo, and burning those purchased tokens from the overall supply of Nucleus.

Today, that milestone has been achieved and the first buy and burn has taken place.

0.12 BTC in generated profits from the bot was used to purchase 10,918.16525901 Nucleus tokens which have sense been burnt from supply.

What an awesome feeling!

Prior to the buy and burn the overall max supply of Nucleus (NCL) was 5,935,947 tokens.

Now the max supply is 5,925,029.

– Buybacks will happen once a month for every month where there is a profit from trading.

– Buybacks will happen on the last business day of the month.

– Buyback amount in bitcoin will be disclosed around the 15th of the month. (Dates may vary slightly)

– Buybacks will always be burned

– Buy backs will always take the lowest sell orders rather than placing buy orders