Before we get started with this month’s March, 2019 Performance Report let me begin by first apologizing. I had tweeted out earlier in the month that the performance report would be released a week. No excuses, I am sorry and it will not happen again.

March closed with a loss of -3.78% for the month, brining Conquer’s total performance to +1.55%.

Strategy and Vision

The process and risk is calculated.

– I am actively involved in improving the automated trading process
– Endeavoring to add a new “revenue stream” to benefit investors
– Always aware of trends in the market, and we’re not powerless when there’s a dip

Nucleus; NCL is trading at $0.04

I believe once the bot begins buying back NCL, a lot of smart investors will begin loading up on NCL and buying. But unlike before when NCL was sent to the bot and was waiting to be dumped/sold back on the market, the NCL purchased by the bot will be burnt from the supply.

I am absolutely positive that I want this part of the process to begin faster than anybody else. For me it is not only about the money which is necessary but also the satisfaction.

Ultimately, I hope the price target to be at whatever price someone decides to exit. I believe most will sell way too soon.

It doesn’t make a lot of sense to watch the exchange regularly right now. It probably won’t look pretty until the buy and burn starts. That’s ok.

(Unless you have buy orders and want to see if they got filled or you were outbid)


Confident Conquer will meet its goal

Conquer should excel June – August and again in December. As I mentioned in one of the earliest performance reports the key of the system is to maintain as close to breakeven as possible on a monthly basis setting up for Conquer to outperform during the market periods it is created to excel in.

Currently programming an additional layer to add a new “revenue stream” to benefit investors

Even though I am confident Conquer will meet its goal and the goal is tremendous, Conquer is still far from perfect. To date all updates have come 2-3 months apart (very minor changes or simply adding/removing additional pairs).

I am working on adding a new layer, this is still be programmed and not yet live. It will add a layer of consistent profits while the core of Conquer wait for the periods in which it excels as opposed to overall performance being close to break even during periods it does not excel.