Patience a big win is on its way just need to give Jordan time. That’s all it is, a matter of time and then 🚀 even if it’s a year from now we just got to wait it out 🚀🚀🚀😎 ~ June 5th, 2019

While at this time I do see the bot still able to produce 30% for the year (come September if we were off I would be concerned) at the same time additional updates to the bot are being worked on night and day. We are going to get it.

Once we get it, we got it.

The name of the game is to accumulate bitcoin and once Bitcoin Growth Bot is offering a solution to that more efficiently than anything else investors are going to flock to the bot and the price of Nucleus is going to take off as a result.

Hey Jordan, please continue your good work. We know you are working hard. We support you in making bitcoin growth bot an amazing project ~ May 25th, 2019

I am thankful for all of those who have taken a similar approach as the investor in the quote above. I find it constructive and helpful. Pushes me in the right direction. It is beneficial to receive support and be built up.

BGB is going to succeed. I am not going anywhere.