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Visit the new 2019 Roadmap here,

Time PeriodProposed Features
Progress to Date• Project vision
Q4’16 – Q3’17• Market research on viability of project
• Development of automated algorithm
• Draft of White Paper
• Live working prototype of algorithm
Q4’17• Final draft of White Paper
• Release of final draft of White Paper
• Announce ICO presale
• Further operations and legal set up
• ICO presale
• Launch Bitcoin Growth Bot
• ICO crowdsale cancelled
• 4.9 million tokens allocated for ICO burnt


Time PeriodProposed Features
Q1’18• Hire development team
• Open backend to users
• Release updated White Paper
• Release updated Road Map
• Launch new website (front and back end)
• Open Bitcoin Growth Bot investment platform
• Marketing campaign & promotion
Q2’18• Liquidity providers added to Bitcoin Growth Bot
• Staking research and details released
• Listing on coin directories
• Promotions to cryptocurrency community
• Security improvements & system’s upgrade
• Staking implemented
3Q’18• Marketing campaign
• Website update
• Add institutional liquidity providers
• Release updated road map for 2019

Note: The Road Map above can and likely will change, especially as the competitive market landscape shifts. The Road Map is intended as an outline for how Bitcoin Growth Bot intends to execute its goals and expand its profitability.


Staking rewards have no minimum requirements; there is not a minimum amount of Nucleus required to stake or days required before staking rewards begin.

In order to receive staking rewards your Nucleus must be held in your BGB site wallet and your KYC must also be submitted and approved.

Rewards are earned and compounded daily at the following annual percentage rates:

  • 0 – 5,000 NCL = 7%
  • 5,001 – 10,000 NCL = 8%
  • 10,001 – 25,000 NCL = 9%
  • 25,001 – 50,000 NCL = 10%
  • 50,001 NCL and up = 11%

Earn Nucleus rewards on your holdings

How to buy NCL2019-02-12T16:28:40+00:00

How To Buy Nucleus

Nucleus is traded on the Waves platform a decentralized exchange.

One of the core elements of the Waves platform is its decentralised exchange (DEX): a peer-to-peer engine that allows users to trade Waves assets against each other quickly and securely, with low fees and no middlemen.

How to create a Waves Wallet

Intro to Waves Platform

Purchasing Nucleus (NCL)

There are 3 steps that you should follow to buy Nucleus token.

Step 1: Download Waves Client Public Beta:
(save your seed words somewhere safe!)
Step 2: Deposit BTC, ETH, LTC, USD or EUR into your Wallet (credit cards accepted > click deposit under Waves in your wallet)
Step 3: Click the Waves Decentralized Exchange icon or here

  1. Where it says “Add coin” copy and paste Nucleus’ identifier code “C7kLesHCnqhDSNNgTuCiiMGr3qaEX1oGAXiJ8gTqzyku”  and Nucleus (NCL) will appear.

Add the code and click on Nucleus (NCL) or just type Nucleus

Important! Treat your SEED (backup phrase) with care! Only SEED can provide access to your wallet. 1. Don’t put your SEED anywhere except official. Waves clients (look at the site domain). If someone else accesses it you will lose your funds. 2. Store your SEED safely, it is the only way to restore your wallet. WALLET SEED.

The quickest way to get your NCL tokens if this is your initial purchase, click the bottom sell order and enter the amount you want and click purchase.


In this example I will purchase 2 NCL tokens @ 0.00005399 each.
You must make sure you have enough BTC and waves for the transaction.
The BTC total I will need is 0.00010798 BTC as you can see just above the place buy order button.
My available amount is shown just above the field where I want to enter the desired amount of coins, I currently have 0.00025005 BTC.
Lastly make sure you have the required Waves fee of 0.003 WAVES to complete the transaction.
Once you hit the button down bottom you will the the following in the bottom right hand corner of the page.


If you do not see this but another message it probably means you did not have the required amount of WAVES.

Important! You do need Waves to cover the transaction fee. It cost 0.003 waves ($0.01 cent) for a transaction fee. So when you purchase Waves (0.5 Waves is more than enough) you will see how the purchasing on the platform works.

Referral Program2019-02-12T16:39:40+00:00
The team behind Bitcoin Growth Bot is at it again with another upgrade to the platform with the release of the new referral program. It is time to scale this project!

“We have an awesome team. We all know that the crypto attracts the best talent and our dev is by far one of the most capable in the industry. Our entire team contributes everything they have everyday, and we have proven we are a rare gem in crypto industry. In my personal opinion Bitcoin Growth Bot is the most undervalued projects out there.” – Jordan Lindsey

This is the platform to watch in 2018. Nucleus token is going to be everywhere and with a limited supply we all know what that means.

Earn Nucleus by Signing Friends Up
For everyone who signs up and verifies identity using your referral link, you and they will each receive $10 in Nucleus. There is no limit to the number of times your link can be used.

– There’s a minimum 100 NCL balance requirement for people to get referral rewards