The Decentralization of Nucleus Token

NCL moved toward a decentralized future setting the stage for adoption and aligning ourselves with the principles at the core of the crypto community and this revolution.

Watch the video for details

The maximum supply of Nucleus was 19,070,186 NCL. After burning 12,883,500 tokens the maximum supply of Nucleus is now 6,186,686 NCL = 5,935,947 NCL


We are getting rid of referral rewards and burning that NCL.

At this time nobody qualifies for the monthly purchase bonus program. It is over.

All of the tokens set aside for the referral and bonus program will be burnt today.

Total Nucleus (NCL) 250,738.50681101

Total maximum supply of Nucleus is now 5,935,947  NCL 


All wallets can be tracked here and viewed with the explorer here.

From the 12,883,500 tokens burnt here are how the remaining kept are allocated.

Referral Program 3P6RudDba5GR64yTCTziAYRe9yuw5TW6Pua, referral, bonus

  • 200,000 NCL set aside for all referral and purchase bonuses
  • Referral and purchase bonus programs end 8/31/2019
  • Partnership A bonus program ends on X
  • All leftover tokens not rewarded by the time these periods elapse will be burned

Staking 3PQTLvUBBd7naCzQLux7ZMwBj8ATCuP9DLN

  • Staking program will expire 8/31/2021
  • Allocate enough NCL (1,539,048) to fully cover potential staking at 11% for this entire time period
  • Remaining staking pool will be burnt on 8/31/2021*

Jordan’s Equity 1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year

  • Jordan’s equity allocation pool will total 500,000 NCL, vested over 3 years.

Noah’s Equity 3P8VfbBrENvYQNtakuU4urTWbWUx3rVxWQm

  • 100,000 NCL equity distribution to Noah
  • Vested in 1/4 allocations every 6 months, with beginning with first distribution now

Employee #1 Equity 3P8Yqx51TDiRmLGPjXoNwSxgxq4yviKbaqD

  • 25k Nucleus once NCL trades above $10 with 3 BTC average volume

Equity Pool: Additional Hires/Partners 3PDwTBjWWUDNrVGNQUyRvrSWyFx9hP2LUjy

  • 150,000 NCL set aside for additional hires and partners
  • Specific amounts to be determined case-by-case

Administrative Costs 3PBq6R7fY7RJ7SoxJ31VwSytQV2wn35PN4B

  • 75,000 NCL allocated to cover administrative costs, including legal, insurance, consulting, hosting, accounting/bookkeeping, etc.
  • May be used at the discretion of BGB, and no intention to burn.